SEO Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SEO cost?

The cost to work on your site is based on the industry you are in, the locations you are
targeting, and the competition you are up against. It also depends on how aggressive and
comprehensive you want your campaign to be – typically we can create a package to
meet any budget and still deliver positive ROI. It is important to remember that SEO is a
marketing investment to win new business – not just another expense.

Is it worth it?

When you look at how many interested customers you are putting your business in front
of all day every day, SEO is one of the cheapest and most targeted forms of marketing
around – typically there will be thousands of people searching for your services online.
SEO consistently reports ROI of 500% or more.

Do I really need SEO?

Every business needs some form of marketing to survive and thrive, and the internet is
now totally entrenched into the way we live. Google is like the largest, most accessible
directory in the world and being listed at the top of the results gives you first chance at
winning new customers. Just having a website isn’t enough – you need to make sure your
customers can find you, otherwise you’re just another website hiding in the shadows.

Why don’t you list prices on your website?

An SEO company who gives you prices without first listening to your goals is an SEO
company to be wary of – how can they possibly know the cost of delivering results, if
they don’t know what results you want, or what competition you will be up against? We
customize our quotes because we are focused on the most important thing: delivering
results. Every website is in a different situation – some industries are much more
competitive than others, and there are many other factors which influence how much
work it will take to deliver you results. Once you contact us and let us know what you
would like to achieve, we can typically get you a quote right away.

How long until I see results?

Almost every website will see an increase in search engine rankings within 4-6 weeks,
and a significant improvement in rankings within approximately 90 days. Whether this
brings you to Page 1 of the results depends on what your starting point is, and the
competition you are up against. SEO should be seen as a mid to long term investment –
you need to “earn” your way to the top of the Google rankings, but once you are there,
you become one of the trusted top-ranked sites that wins the vast majority of the online
business in your market.

What happens once our website gets to Page 1 – do we stop the SEO campaign?

As we start to achieve Page 1 rankings for your business, you will start to see an increase
in traffic to your website and more leads and sales for your business – this is ROI
territory. The higher you rank on Page 1, the greater slice of the available traffic your site
will receive – the Top 3-5 rankings typically attract almost 70% of the traffic, so this is
exactly where we want to get your site for maximum ROI. SEO is like a race, and if you
stop running when you get to the front then eventually your competitors will catch up and
overtake you. Our goal is to get you to #1 position for every keyword we are working on.
However, if you are happy with just maintaining Page 1 positions, you can speak to your
SEO Specialist about switching to “Maintenance Mode”, where we simply aim to
maintain your current positions for a reduced rate.

What is the process after I sign up?

You will be assigned your own SEO Specialist within 24 hours, who will immediately
begin the process of analyzing the search engine traffic to identify which search phrases
(keywords) people are using to look for your services. He or she will also take your input
to find out which areas of your business you would particularly like exposure for, and
together you will create and approve the final list that we target. From there, your SEO
Specialist will start designing your campaign, starting with planning the optimization
changes to your website and the linking strategy to close the gap on your competitors.

Do you change my website?

Most sites will require some updates. Some of these will be “behind the scenes” to the
code that only the search engines see; others will be changes to some of the visible parts
of your site, such as updating some of your text content. We supply all these changes, and
ensure we have your approval before making any updates. We also still want to make
sure your website looks good and will convert traffic into inquiries and sales, so we may
even have some suggestions to improve this too. Overall, we aren’t going to ‘mess’ with
your website, we want to make it look as good as possible too.

Why is there a monthly fee? Don’t you guys just optimize my site once and then I get rankings?

SEO is an ongoing effort because you need to climb the ladder up to top rankings. The
first step is to update your website to tell the search engines what your site is relevant to;
the ongoing step is to link other relevant websites to your website so that you look
popular. This a tedious task that needs to be done over time so that you progress
naturally up the rankings – but we will make this happen as quickly as possible, while
still staying within all the search engine guidelines. Pushing this process too quickly can
result in search engine penalties, so be careful of any SEO company that promises very
quick rankings, especially for brand new websites.

Another SEO company’s website says they will create 50 links per month, how many links do you guys do?

There is no exact science to the number of links you need to achieve rankings. Many
SEO companies will try to dazzle you with numbers for the links, directory submissions,
search engine submissions they claim they will create – but this doesn’t tell you anything
about what results this will achieve. The quality of the links is more important than the
quantity, and at the end of the day it is the results that matter. What if they create their 50
links, or even 500 links, but you still don’t get rankings? Have they done their job? We create as many links as necessary to get you the results we promise,
because results are what we are here to deliver – not 50 links and then walking away.

Is a search like “florist los angeles” counted as 3 keywords or 1?

That’s just 1 keyword – the whole search phrase counts as one

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